AATM Contests


1. 6th Grade Team Challenge

This is a unique team contest that is held in April or May. A team consists of five students. A school may have more than one team. The contests are held in most all counties. The activities include team as well as individual problems. Sample probems from the previous year's contests are available.



2. Algebra Contest

This contest is open to any school teaching algebra. A student studying their first year of Algebra may participate. Each schhol selects a school coordinator who receives the contest, makes copies of the contest, proctors the students, grades the tests, and submits results to state coordinator. The contest has one fee per school. This contest is held during the first week of May.



3. High School Contest

This contest is held during the last part of February. It is open to high school students only. Each high school selects a school coordinator who collects the entry fees, administers the test, and subsequent results and certificates.



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